Officer Friendly is an active duty Texas police officer. Officer Friendly decided to start blogging, because he recognized how often he was telling the victims of crime the same things over and over, and how tragic it was that nobody was telling people these things until they became victims.

For years, Officer Friendly tried to work within his police department to increase crime prevention efforts, by way of proactive education to the community, but eventually decided that the department was only interested in activities that generated revenue for the government, and which could be easily quantified for government representatives (read: ticket & arrest numbers), to show an apparent correlation between police activity and crime numbers. So, Ofc. friendly decided to create his own platform, with the intent to maximize the number of people he could contact, and educate, before they fell victim to criminal scum.

Unfortunately, because Officer Friendly is currently working for a police department, and relies upon that income to support his family, he is unable to identify himself or where he works, as his department would most certainly use internal disciplinary measures to silence him, in order to control what they believe to be a liability risk. Sadly, despite Officer Friendly’s irrepressible optimism and general faith in people, years of experience has taught him that the government is full of idiots who could not survive in the private sector, because their focus is on minimizing complaints from supervisors, which basically translates into minimizing activities that might upset vocal citizens, rather than focusing on actually providing effective service to the whole of the community. In a sense, Officer Friendly is attempting to be the change he wants to see in department he works for.


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