Dumb ways to die

In this line of work, you hear about all crazy different ways people end up dead, but the following are a few of the more common ones that average folks probably don’t think much about.

Crossing the Street at the Wrong Time and Place
Most of the pedestrians killed by cars are killed trying to cross major streets and highways away from intersections, where drivers don’t expect to see pedestrians. This happens simply because they’re too lazy to walk to the nearest intersection. Jaywalking is particularly stupid and night, because in addition to crossing where no one expects to see pedestrians, you’re hard to see too further increasing the chances of a fatal injury.

Getting Shot by an “Empty” Gun
A large percentage of people who are killed or seriously injured in accidental shootings are shot with guns they thought were unloaded. That’s why safety rule number one for firearms is to treat all firearms as if they are loaded at all times, followed by the semi-redundant rule to point firearms in a safe direction (where no one will get shot if it discharges) at all times.

Accidentally Overdosing
While some drugs cancel-out the effects of others, but many drugs have a multiplying effect, when combined. That is why so many prescription medications have warning labels, saying not to take them with alcohol. If you take prescription meds and drink alcohol, or self-medicate with your own Rx cocktail, there’s a good chance that you will end up in the hospital drinking oh so tasty charcoal jelly designed to absorb your idiot cocktail, if not dead.

Likewise, it is critically important to your survival that you make sure that any doctor prescribing medication is aware of all medications today, as you might not be able to tell the paramedics when they come to save you from the adverse effects your meds have when combined.

Hanging Out with Hoodlums
Sadly, most of our gang-bangers are not great shots, so when they try to shoot someone, which is usually another young pillar of society, they usually miss their target, and often hit an (at least relatively) innocent bystander. Being the bastard that Murphy is, it’s usually the least deserving person around. So, don’t associate with young thugs, if you value your life, because if you’re reading this, you’re probably at the top of Murphy’s hit list.

Know anyone who fits one of these? What are some dumb ways you’ve heard of people meeting an untimely demise?


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