Don’t Trust Government Assurances

With the recent announcement of Ebola in Dallas, followed by government assurances that there’s nothing to be concerned about, I felt the need to share my experience as a government employee.

Governments Serve Society
The government’s job is to look out for the society at large, not individuals. While the government does provide services for individuals to that end, ultimately, the government will calculate what they believe is the greatest good, and act accordingly. In the case of the Ebola scare, this means that they will risk a few deaths, to prevent a panic and economic catastrophy.

Greater Good = Necessary Evils
Just imagine if the entire DFW area shut down for 21 days, until all of those infected could be confidently accounted for. Not only would that be catastrophic itself, but there would be a ripple-effect across the entire country, as all of the cities connected to Dallas were affected by flight diversions, delivery delays, etc. Additionally, if Dallas did it, the citizens of cities strongly connected to Dallas would no doubt clamor for similar measures. And in case you aren’t aware, Dallas is a hub for alot of travel and commerce, so we’re talking just about every major city in the country.

Take Your Kids Out of School
Regardless of the impact to your lifestyle, or your finances, ensuring the lives of your children is worth it. Call on what ever family you can for child care help, and take as many sick days as possible, but do what you must to reduce your children’s risk of exposure. Ask your children’s school to provide information on what the children were to study in the coming weeks, so that you may attempt to continue their education while they are away from school proper.

Don’t Be Bullied
The public school officials will tell you that they will hold your child back a year in school if he does not attend a certain number of days. These rules were intended to pressure parents into keeping kids in school to reduce administrative headaches for them, and prevent a loss of federal funding. These rules were not written to protect kids in the event of a virus with 90% mortality rate in the school.

Jurors Have Kids Too
When the crisis passes, if the school does insist that your child be held back, demand that your child be given the same tests used to measure students ability to promote. If your child passes these tests, then you will have stable ground on which to demand that your child be promoted to the next grade. If the school still insists that your child be held back, sue the bastards! No jury of humans would side with a school enforcing such a policy, if the kid can demonstrate capability, and especially if the parent can show that someone reportedly in contact with a confirmed Ebola carrier was in the school!

Direct Fluid Contact My Ass!
One of the key points being stressed by our government is that the Ebola virus can only be communicated by direct contact with an infected person’s bodily fluids, paralleling it with HIV transmission. However, every time we see Ebola-related images of healthcare workers in Africa, and now Fort Hood soldiers training to go to Liberia, they’re wearing full body suits and respirators. You don’t see anyone doing that around HIV patients do you? Hell, even though it’s all around us, we hardly even pay attention to HIV anymore! Somebody’s blowing smoke!

What do you think? Are we in serious trouble now that Ebola’s hit our shores? Why is Obama sending soldiers to Liberia now? Is it really a humanitarian mission, or are they starting emergency countermeasure research on Ebola?


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