Money Wire = Scam

Never send money to anyone you do not personally know by a money wiring service! There’s about a 99% chance that it’s a scam!

No, You Don’t Have Warrants
One of the more common scams these days is some guy will call you from what appears to be a real phone number, and claims that you have warrants for your arrest. They will then demand that you withdraw cash and send it by wire immediately, or be arrested. No law enforcement agency, in this country at least, would ever do that. It is a scam.

Taking Advantage of Biology
These guys are dialing for dollars, calling everyone they can, in the hopes that your “reptilian” brain will get you to send them money, out of fear, before your higher reasoning has a chance to hit the brakes. They also tend to focus on the elderly, because they’re mental capacity is often diminished, while their financial capacity remains intact, making them easier targets.

Check Yourself For Warrants
If you think you might actually have warrants for your arrest, call your local police department and ask them to check you for warrants. All they need is your name, race, sex, date of birth, and voilà! They will gladly tell you if you have a warrant for your arrest. Don’t worry, they can’t arrest you over the phone, and unless it’s a felony, or you live in some podunk, where they’ve got nothing else to do, your call won’t trigger a manhunt.

Money Wires Are Like A Shell Game
Most people don’t know this, but money sent by wire services can be collected by anyone, anywhere in the world, as long as they provide the right information. You may have sent money for “Joe” in Tampa, Florida, but Sue in Sidney, Australia can pick it up. As long as they have the right transaction code number, the wire service doesn’t care.

No, We Can’t Arrest Them
In addition to the wire service shell game, these days the suspects almost always use voice over Internet protocols and number disguising programs to call you, and they typically live in countries with no extradition treaties with the US. So, not only is it damn near imposiible to identify the suspects, even if we could, in most cases, we can’t go get them! In other words, kiss your money and any hope of prosecutorial satisfaction goodbye! You’ll have to chalk this one up to tuition at the school of hard knocks!

Have you or someone you know ever gotten one of these calls? What happened?


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