If You See Something, Say Something

You may have heard this slogan, which I believe was first used by the New York Metro Transit Authority. It simply means that if you suspect something isn’t right, notify authorities.

You’re Not Wasting Our Time
One of the biggest reasons people don’t call 911, is because they are afraid that they might be wasting the time of police, who they think could be investigating something more important. Don’t worry, we’ll look into the reports clearly demanding immediate responses first, then check out ones that seem less important, when our call load permits.

You Could Be Saving Lives
If you’re calling about somebody leaving a bag or something on a bus, at a sporting venue, in a coffee shop, etc, it may be nothing more than a forgotten bag, but you might be saving the lives of tens or hundreds of people! If nothing else, the person leaving the bag will be able to get their stuff back!

Bad Guys Hide
For the most part, criminals will either try to avoid detection altogether, or at least try to create enough question in your mind about their suspiciousness that you don’t think about calling us, or at least hesitate long enough for them to leave the area. So you really need to listen to your suspicions.

That young man who just knocked on your door in the middle of the afternoon is probably not really selling magazines. He’s probably one of the a-holes who have been kicking in doors and stealing people’s hard earned property, and he was checking to see if you were home.

It’s Our Job & Our Pleasure
Whether it’s a suspicious package, person, or whatever, it’s best to call us, so we can check things out. If it’s nothing, great! We get paid by the hour. If it IS something, even better! We live for putting scum in their place! It’s the reason we took this job!

Have you ever called 911 on a bad feeling? Did you find out what happened later? Ever find out that your your call lead to an arrest?


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