Vehicle Burglary Prevention Basics

Vehicle burglaries are one of the simplist crimes to prevent, and one of the hardest to prosecute, because there are rarely witnesses, and there is rarely any evidence to collect. Below are some of the basics on prevention.

Use Your Garage
If your park your cars in the garage (yes, that IS why they have those big doors on them), AND close the door, you eliminate most of the opportunities for five-finger discount shopping in your car.

Lock Your Doors
Believe it or not, most car “break-ins” involve no breaking at all. Most are just punk kids walking the streets of their own neighborhood while the rest of the world is sleeping, or in the parking lots of gyms, movie theaters, and shopping malls, pulling on door handles and taking loose goodies whenever they find one unlocked.

Hide Your Goodies
While you won’t make others envious of your top of the line GPS, Purse, etc, you will at least get to keep them for yourself! The vast majority of vhicle burglaries that DO involve breaking, also involve someone leaving their valuables where Donny Dirtbag can see them.

So, take the face off your stereo, take the GPS off your windshield, unplug your chargers, and put them, along with any and all bags in the trunk, console, or glove box. Oh, and ladies, Donny knows that you ALL put your purse under the seat, so even the slightest hint of something under the seat will get you a busted window and an excuse for purse shopping your man won’t object to.

What Thieves Don’t Know Can Hurt You
Many people leave bags out in their cars, confident that no one would want its contents. The problem is Donny won’t know what’s inside until after he’s busted your window and snatched it.

Plan Ahead
Do yourself a favor and put your goodies in the trunk BEFORE you get to the gym/mall/theater parking lot. With most cars, even with the doors locked, your trunk can be opened by the latch. Since most vehicle burglaries at these locations do involve breaking windows anyway, you may as well stand there shouting to the world that you’re leaving valuables for anyone who’s interested.

Have you ever had your car burglarized? Was there something you could have done to precent it? Anything missing from my list?


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