Cops’ Opinion of the Second Amendment

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Last week I ranted about namby-pamby liberals, so in the spirit of fairness, I thought I’d give a rant about some conservatives that the Po-Po don’t care for.

Cops Love Armed Citizens
As a general rule cops love the Second Amendment! It’s hard not to be a strong defender of the Second Amendment when you know that a well placed round from a citizen faced with a suspect would probably reduce crime in the area by a good 5% or so for the year. Honestly, there’s nothing cops love to hear about more than citizens shooting at bad guys! Likewise, we all feel great disappointment when we hear about citizens missing their target.

Cops Are The Cavalry
Cops know better than anyone else on the planet that we are nothing more than the citizen’s backup or clean-up crew. It’s your job to defend yourself, your family, and your property until we can get there to help. Unless your assailant is just oblivious, and does something with us standing right next to you, at best you’ll be looking at a good 5-10 minutes lag between calling 911 and seeing our smiling faces.

Cops Hate Open Carry Activists
While we love armed citizens, there’s little we hate more than a-holes parading around with assault rifles slung on their backs whining about their need to carry assault rifles for self-defense! Really? Where do you live? Afghanistan? By all means, concealed carry a handgun as you go about your daily business, because you never know when some jerk might decide to pull a Luby’s massacre, or stick you up when you’re having a night on the town with your family. But the only reason to be walking around in public with an assault rifle or other long gun is because you have a reasonable expectation to need it in the immediate future, which is never going to be the case in the vast majority of places in modern America.

The Open Carry Movement Will Not End Well
Because these guys are playing politics, most departments give us orders to use the kid gloves with these jerks, and now they’re escalating things to try and provoke an incident! This is the only situation in which police are expected not to address a suspect we know to be armed with deadly force or at least deadly force cover. Don’t be surprised when one of these guys pushes things too far and gets shot, because that’s how this is going to end at some point. Likewise, you can take it to the bank that they’ll try to call it proof that we’re intent on taking their guns and oppressing them!

The Police Don’t Want Your Guns. They Want to Go Home
These open carry agitators are like a bunch ultra-conservative hippies hell-bent on creating some sort of tragedy by provoking law-enforcement at every opportunity. These idiots are so wrapped up in their delusions of government conspiracies that they deny the fact that police officers are just people going to work and doing our job to support their families! How are we supposed to know if one of the idiots in their group is off his rocker and about to open up on us with his AK? Answer: We don’t! So the next time you see a YouTube video of an officer being a little short with one of these open carry a-holes, keep in mind the officer is afraid he’s going to die, and his kids will be left to wonder why Daddy never came home! He’s not some jerk trying to deny the citizen his right to keep and bear arms, he’s trying to go home to his family! And now he’s got some jerk with an assault rifle getting in his face and being aggressive with him. How would you respond?

What do you think of the open carry protesters? Why do you think they believe it’s good to have open carry of assault rifles, instead of concealed carry of handguns? How should the police address these guys?


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