Why Tasers & Pepper Spray Should NOT Be Banned In Schools


I recently read an article about the TEA (Texas Education Agency), the ACLU, and a host of other liberal political organizations demanding that police be banned from using pepper spray or Tasers in schools, and I couldn’t help but think, “What the hell is wrong with these people?”

Conservative Cops? No Way!
Now, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to most people that police officers are overwhelmingly conservative, when it comes to politics. Go figure, our job is dealing with right & wrong, and maintaining law & order, not ignoring the law at our whim and trying to reorder things to match our personal socialist vision of Utopia, regardless of the cost to others.

Bustin’ Out The Kid Gloves
Getting back to the issue of pepper spray and Tasers in schools, while no parent wants their child hurt, these ARE the kid gloves in Po-Po’s arsenal, and the most effective tools we have to get someone under control without anyone getting injured. That’s why they are at the bottom of the use of force scale for pretty much every police department in the country.

Taser = No Fight
In fact, the single greatest tool officers have to restore order without a fight is the Taser. Why? Because everybody knows that it hurts like hell, you can’t fight it, and most importantly, we can and will use it! That is the key to any deterrent! The ability and will to make good on the threat! I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen suspects on the verge of fighting us wilt and surrender at the mere sight of a Taser getting unholstered. Without the Taser, we have to fight people a lot more often, and a lot more people end-up getting injured. As for the punk who pushes his luck and gets Tased, he’ll have a few tiny puncture wounds that might scar, the same as you’d get from a fishing hook, but that’s it. The biggest scar will be on his pride, from the endless replays of the incident on YouTube.

And It Burns, Burns, Burns! The Temporary Fire!
Pepper spray is also a great tool, because it burns like hell, makes it hard to open your eyes, and makes your nose and mouth ooze buckets of snot & spit. It’s hard to fight when you can’t see, can’t breathe without pain, and your face feels like its on fire! That lasts for 30 minutes to an hour, and it flares back up somewhat for days, when reactivated by water, but that’s it, no lasting injuries, unless perhaps you’re the one in a million people allergic to cayenne pepper. In which case, you should know better than to press your luck when PD pulls out that little canister and starts shaking it up.

Cops Hate Pepper Spray
While we use it all the time, officers HATE using pepper spray, because we invariable get a taste of it every time. Not as bad as the other guy, but it still sucks, and we all prefer not to have that burn for the next few days. So if an officer sprays you, don’t be surprised if he’s less than concerned about your sniveling pleas to make the burning stop, because he’s probably cursing you for the burning he’s feeling.

DIY Discipline
In the end, if you don’t want kids getting Tased or pepper sprayed at school, then they start cracking the whip at home & in the classroom! Police don’t have to fight with good kids, just POS kids who are allowed to run amok by their parents and teachers. In other words, if you don’t like the way we discipline your kids, then do it yourself!

The Road To Hell
Oh, and if you believe that an officer has gone too far in his use of force, file an excessive force complaint with his department, sue him, sue his department, and sue the school that called him in! Address the individuals who abused their power or failed to do their duties. Don’t try to handcuff us all, and pave the road to hell with your good intentions! And if you want unruly students subdued with hugs, the hire some unarmed orderlies to work the schools!

What are your thoughts on the use of police to maintain order in schools? Are schools attempting to avoid liability by calling in the police? Should schools go back to using corporal punishment? How can we fix the system?


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